The Passion to Heal

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The Passion to Heal

After showing some appreciative visitors around his fine old church, a clergyman is asked: “How many years ago did they last have a church service in here?” The realisation dawned.
His visitors (perhaps like many others) innocently assumed that his church was a museum…. Returning home, he exchanged his clerical collar for a casual shirt, and wandered around the nearby shopping centre for almost an hour, occasionally asking the busy passers-by for directions to his own church. No one could help him….

Mike Endicott explores the personal implications of that challenge to a minister.

In a largely indifferent, unbelieving world, does God still act in power? And does he heal the sick today?

The author has a passion for Christian healing. He teaches how to pray and minister effectively, focusing on the presence and compassion of Jesus Christ.