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Order of Jacob's Well
"Find the Way"

Order of Jacob's Well

Mike Endicott, "Find the Way!"

Available for purchase from all good bookshops and this website.

Foreword by Jennifer Rees Larcombe:

Over the last few years, I have heard Mike telling lots of stories about the adventures he and Yates have had together. They are often very funny, and always fascinating, but they are also something more. As Mike explains the unique relationship of trust that exists between himself and Yates, he uses it to show us how God longs for a similar kind of relationship with us. It astounds me to discover just how many things Mike is able to do, and how many places he is able to visit, simply because of Yates, but all this is only possible because of the way they trust and rely on one another. And, of course, the trust and reliance only comes because they also respect and love one another deeply. Watching the way that Yates and Mike become one, as they stride off together through crowded streets, always gives me a kick.

Mike has told me of the closeness that exists between him and Yates: "When he's got his harness on, he thinks I'm actually part of his own body!" -and he speaks of the way he himself has to keep very close to the Lord, in order to minister effectively to the people he meets each day.

Yes, this is a profound book, but it is also great fun, easy to read, and a fascinating account of the complex, demanding and extremely responsible job of being a guide dog. I know you are going to enjoy it on many different levels, but to get the very best out of it, do let it speak to you on the deepest level of all.

Order of Jacob's Well

"FIND THE WAY: More Stories of Yates the Guide Dog with a Dog Collar", by Mike Endicott
Terra Nova Publications Ltd

Price 6.99 SALE 4

You can order a copy of this book here, and a sample extract here.

Order of Jacob's Well

Order of Jacob's Well
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