Life In The Order

The Rule of the Order of Jacob's Well


What is an Order?

In any Christian context, an Order is any group of people who simply follow the life vision of its Founder. 

Although the Order of Jacob’s Well is strictly ecumenical in nature, its Founder was Revd Mike Endicott of the Anglican Church UK.


His Life Vision -

1. The Genesis Creation story is but a picture of how God originally wanted this world to be. That the Eden state is a perfect relationship with God, with each other and with the world - a life free of physical, emotional and relational pain of any kind that detracts from the human inclination towards God.

2. That God is revealed, in the book of Revelation of St John, to be bringing an eventual conclusion to the world that encompasses that vision for creation. 

3. In between these times mankind lives in a trough of ill health, stress, struggle and loss.

4. Into that trough has come the Lord Jesus, the Son of God, who has demonstrated God’s wisdom and will by healing all who came to him. In his ministry on Earth he has conclusively proved the Father’s will to see restoration in all our lives.

4. It is that ministry of kingdom proclamation and healing that the Christian church is called to continue, working in spiritual partnership with the Holy Spirit, towards the spread of the kingdom worldwide.


To Do This _

1. The Order relearns the good news of the kingdom as taught by Jesus, by his disciples and by the leaders of the early church.

2. The Order continues to work as they did - by proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and allowing God to work his restoring will.

3. The Order recognises that most forms of healing ministry today, Christian or otherwise, are largely man-made and are therefore in danger of interfering with, rather than assisting, God’s work to extend the kingdom.

 Therefore the ministry of the Order of Jacob’s Well is no alternative to any other - it is a rediscovering and re-adoption of the original divinely designed ministry of Jesus.


Reaching out -

The Order seeks to relight the core message of the Christian church, the proclamation of the good news of the kingdom of God and the message of the Cross (which is the power of God). 

In doing this The Order seeks to share all that it is learning with anyone who yearns to see the simple truths of kingdom life re-adopted into the teachings of the Christian church and into the prayer lives of her members. 



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