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Order of Jacob's Well

"The Passion to Heal"

Order of Jacob's Well

Mike Endicott, "The Passion to Heal"

Available for purchase from all good bookshops.

After showing some appreciative visitors around his fine old church, a clergyman is asked: "How many years ago did they last have a church service in here?" The realisation dawned.  
His visitors (perhaps like many others) innocently assumed that his church was a museum.... Returning home, he exchanged his clerical collar for a casual shirt, and wandered around the nearby shopping centre for almost an hour, occasionally asking the busy passers-by for directions to his own church. No one could help him....

Mike Endicott explores the personal implications of that challenge to a minister.

In a largely indifferent, unbelieving world, does God still act in power? And does he heal the sick today?

The author has a passion for Christian healing. He teaches how to pray and minister effectively, focusing on the presence and compassion of Jesus Christ.

Order of Jacob's Well

"THE PASSION TO HEAL", by Mike Endicott
Terra Nova Publications Ltd

Price 6.99

You can order a copy of this book here, and a sample extract here.

Order of Jacob's Well

Order of Jacob's Well

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