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Mike Endicott, Rediscovering Christian Healing

Order of Jacob's Well

Mike Endicott, "Rediscovering Kingdom Healing"

Produced for the Order of Jacob's Well by Terra Nova Publications Ltd

Available from all good bookshops, but preferably from this website!


The world is changing - the kingdom has come. It came with Jesus, it is still coming, and will be here in its fullness when Christ returns.

There are signs and wonders: signs of its being here, miracles seen in sickness; in deliverance; in raising the dead, and in natural events. All these things prevailed in the very early days of the church and for a few hundred years after Christ's ascension, but drifted gradually off the church's map, remaining for a while - mostly among the religious communities of convent and monastery. By the turn of the twentieth century they were almost unheard of amongst most church people.

As miracles through prayer became harder to come by down the intervening centuries - from Jesus' earthly ministry until the present day - proponents of the healing ministry searched for reasons for the apparent weakening of miracle working power.

Much philosophising, spiritual second guessing and many secular skills have been brought to bear, to try to answer the questions and meet the situations of those who remain unhealed.

What it was believed might lead to the key has turned out to be the gaoler. The intellectual and spiritual complexity that has been built up became a thick cobweb that shielded the simplicity of kingdom miracle working from the Church's eyes. Thus kingdom miracles are few and far between.

But now this open secret of kingdom living has been rediscovered. Each Christian may have a story to tell which can reach hundreds of others. Tools have been found to strip away the cobwebs that have clouded the ministry of Christian healing and had confined it in to a dark corner of ineffectiveness and controversy.

Now there is a great harvest of fruit again. Now it is possible to rediscover the power of the message of the cross, together with every Christian's authority and ability to put it to work - out of our compassion for the sick and our love of Christ.

Order of Jacob's Well

Produced for the Order of Jacob's Well by Terra Nova Publications Ltd

Price 6.99

You can order a copy of this book here and you can request a free copy of an extract here.

Order of Jacob's Well

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