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Forge House, the Headquarters of the Order of Jacobs Well,

Forge House
Clomendy Road
Old Cwmbran
Wales, UK
NP44 3LS

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The Well Centre

Forge House is the administrative headquarters of The Order of Jacobs Well Trust. As well as being an administrative centre, we also hold healing services, times of individual ministry and a programme for small group teaching and training.

The Trust exists to support the work of the Order of Jacobs well, a national UK Order whose objectives are to carry the good news of the message of the cross and the kingdom of God to the church and world.

The Order of Jacobs Well was founded in 1998 by Dr Rowan Williams, the recently retired Archbishop of Canterbury.

Its intention is to bring together in fellowship those Christians from across the Trinitarian denominations whose major concern is praying for, and the ministry of Gods Grace to, those whose lives are in disarray.

That disarray may lie in the physical, the emotional or in their relationships within their families and with God.

The Order consists of a growing number of inter-denominational cross-church fellowships across the UK whose outreach activities vary considerably depending on the needs of the community at large that surrounds them.

These activities vary from healing services in homes and churches to ministry in prisons, from cafe ministries to tent missions, and from preaching to running teaching courses for anyone interested in such matters of Cross and Kingdom.

Although the spread of the Orders communities is as yet limited to the UK, its written, its video and its audio resources are used consistently by many thousand individual Christians, lay and Ordained, and in churches and Seminaries around the world.

Teachers from the Order have a full invited programme of lecture tours in this form of Applied Theology throughout UK, Canada, USA, the Middle East, South Africa and Australia.

The Order is critically aware that the reputation of the Healing Ministry within the modern western church is too far from the reputation of Jesus Christ as preacher and healer. It might be said that, in large part, this sadness maybe due to lack of Biblical teaching and proper ecclesiastical oversight.

So the Order majors not on any modern style of ministry generated by any particular church ritual or spiritual fashion but is based entirely on the teachings of Jesus on the kingdom of God and its benefits and dynamics.

The Order maintains that everything flows from how we learn the patience to stand under the Cross of Jesus, because when we are there we see what he sees, the infinite glory and love of the Father. That is where the healing fountains start.

The ministry of the Order of Jacobs Well is the ministry that stems from that Cross. It is completely centred on giving glory to God for its benefits to mankind and centred on the restoring grace that pours into the world today as a direct result of Calvary having happened for us.

In general, the pastoral ministry of the local church is directed towards past and present members of that community. The Order prays to be of pastoral ministry service to anyone of any spiritual persuasion or none at all, anyone in trouble who would approach God for an answer to their predicament.

In overall terms the Order sees the Cross, that is to say the act of God completed at Calvary, as the centre of all things, the centre of their thanksgiving worship together and the justification of all people to receive the restoring love and purposes of God as amply displayed to the world through Christ.

The Order is governed by its Elders who meet in convocation twice yearly. That Convocation consists of elders voted there by our local communities, or Wells, together with other elders invited to share their specific gifting for the benefit of the Order. Both elders, and the Brothers and sisters of the Order, are invited from those Christians known to the Order as being upholders of Christian doctrines and whose lives are centred on the love of God expressed through the Cross of the Son lifted up.

In this way the Orders elders, Brothers and sisters follow in ministry the course laid down by Christ and recorded in the gospels. They listen, they gently share the message of the Cross in which lies the power of God and their prayers are those of thanksgiving for the Cross and all that it achieved for the world.

The Order keeps record of many thousands of lives changed through this Scripture based ministry to those who suffer.

This is the ministry of the early church, as designed by God and brought to us by Christ himself in word and deed. There are as a result a great number of witnesses to lives changed through the application of God’s grace, ministered by the Holy Spirit through the Calvary work of the son for the help of his people and for the glory of God the Father.

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