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Mike Endicott, "Your Kingdom Come,"

YOUR KINGDOM COME A Pocketbook of Guidelines From The Well Centre for Biblical Kingdom Ministry to the sick and the injured. Contains CD for ministry at home.
Mike Endicott,,2007

The main objectives of this little booklet are these:

  • To encourage and equip us in the basic requirement of all Christians -that we should proclaim the good news.
  • To identify how the gospel might be considered to be good news by those who hear.
  • To confirm that, predominantly, signs and wonders and miracle-working occur around gospel proclamation.
  • To consider a variety of methods of proclamation in differing circumstances.
  • To identify examples from Scripture and parts of Christian doctrine that may be used in proclamation.
  • To offer examples of miracle-working prayer.
  • To provide readers with an audio CD recording of prayerful meditation based on this booklet,so that they might experience an ongoing ministry of God's grace at home for themselves.

    Order of Jacob's Well

    "YOUR KINGDOM COME", from The Order of Jacob's Well
    Produced for the Order of Jacob's Well by Terra Nova Publications Ltd

    Price 3.99

    You can order a copy of this book here and downlaod a sample here

    Order of Jacob's Well
    Order of Jacob's Well
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